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Green Yard Debris Removal Fresno,CA

Junky Junk Removal

We have the crew and equipment to remove, haul away and dispose any amount of tree branches, sod, palms, trees, green waste, yard debris.

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Yard Debris Removal in the Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Central Valley Area

Got a disaster brewing in your lawn? Then count on our yard debris removal experts to clean up the mess and bring it back to a clean, peaceful state. Our services are perfect when a storm has shaken twigs down into your yard, or when a gardening job has left scraps behind.

Examples of Yard Waste We Take

  • Sticks, branches, and twigs

  • Clippings and trimmings

  • Unwanted or dead bushes and shrubs

  • Old or dried up crops

Yard Debris NEAR ME

large pile of tree branches


yard debris tree branche fell


yardgreendebriswaste fresno,ca


tree branches removal haul away disposal



Some of our competitors don’t offer yard junk removal for cheap. That’s because they tack on all sorts of unnecessary charges to milk the largest possible amount of money out of you. Fortunately, Jedi Junk Removal has a different idea: provide the fair prices we offer for any and all of our junk removal services.

Local Savings With Junky Junk Removal

  • Volume-based pricing. You’ll pay for what we haul and not a penny more.

  • Upfront quotes. We’re straightforward and tell you what you’re paying from the start.

  • No hidden fees. As we remove your yard waste, count on us to stick to the agreed-upon price.

  • Easy payments. At the end of the appointment, simply pay with cash, card or check.

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