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Soil & Dirt Removal in Fresno CA

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Dirt Removal in Fresno, California

We have the crew and equipment to handle any size job. From a small dirt/soil pile to truckloads of dirt. Our crew can do all the hard labor or you can save some money by renting a dumpster.

Dirt Removal Cost

Dirt removal is priced differently than our normal junk removal services. There are several different factors that go into pricing the job. We consider  accessibility, type of dirt, amount that is being removed, etc. To receive a firm estimate for the removal of your dirt, give us a call! We will arrive to estimate the job within 24 hours of your phone call. Once we look at the dirt  you would like us to remove, we will provide you with a price and explain the process we will use to remove your dirt.

dirt bobcat.HEIC

Dirt grading, excavating, hauling, and disposal 
Fresno, CA

With our Tractor we are able to provide several services at the same time.

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