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Hoarding Help

Hoarder Cleanup Fresno, CA

Hoarding is a condition that causes people to have extreme difficulty throwing things away. They may initially have pride in collecting old clothing, newspapers, and other piles of stuff, but eventually, the materials become too cluttered and overwhelming to handle, leading to feelings of embarrassment and guilt.

At Junky Junk Removal, we offer hoarder cleanup services to residents throughout Fresno, California, and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained cleaning professionals have over 10 years of experience getting all types of homes cleaned. Our cleaning abilities are respectful, discreet, and meticulous; we leave no signs of the initial mess behind.


Fresno, California Hoarder Cleaning Services

Dealing with a hoarding situation in Fresno is not easy for many hoarders and their loved ones, especially if they are not ready to let go of their unnecessary belongings. Our compassionate team works closely with families to ensure that the cleaning process is both respectful and efficient.

Though some friends and family members try to perform hoarder cleanup without help, it’s best to leave the job to trained professionals. By the time hoarders receive the cleaning help they need, their homes may contain biohazardous materials that can severely affect a person’s health.

Image by Lance Grandahl

Equipment & Crew

We have the equipment to safety and quickly complete the job. Our crew has years of experience to handle any situation.

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