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Local Hoarding Help

Hoarder Cleanup & Removal Fresno, CA

Hoarding is a condition that causes people to have extreme difficulty throwing things away. They may initially have pride in collecting old clothing, newspapers, and other piles of stuff, but eventually, the materials become too cluttered and overwhelming to handle, leading to feelings of embarrassment and guilt.

At Junky Junk Removal, we offer hoarder cleanup services to residents throughout Fresno, California, and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained cleaning professionals have over 10 years of experience getting all types of homes cleaned. Our cleaning abilities are respectful, discreet, and meticulous; we leave no signs of the initial mess behind.



Size of the home/ property (SQFT)

Trash up to the ceiling? or half ways?

Rodent or Insect infected?

We can buy your house As-is. We buy hoarder houses cash! No repairs needed. Give us a call for a cash offer

Image by Lance Grandahl
Equipment & Crew

1 day turnaround clean-out available, Our Crew can be in & out. We have the equipment to safely and quickly complete the job in less than 24 hours in most cases. Our crew has years of experience to handle any situation.

Professional Organizing Service


Our Profesional organizer can work 1 on 1 to rejuvenate your space and your mind.

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