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Playset Removal Fresno,CA

Junky Junk Removal

We have the crew and equipment to remove, haul away and dispose any size playlet.

old playset removal

Playset Removal in the Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Central Valley Area

It’s time to say goodbye to that old playset–call Junky  Junk Removal for affordable playset removal! Removing an old and rotting playset from your backyard is a necessary task and one that is often difficult to accomplish on your own. Jedi Junk Removal specializes in light deconstruction and will remove your old and rotting playset that has seen better days and haul it away, leaving you with new found space and nothing to worry about.

Playset Removal NEAR ME

playset playground full of leaves
tractor tire Playground
old playground playset
new playground


Some of our competitors don’t offer PLAYSET DEMO. That’s because they tack on all sorts of unnecessary charges to milk the largest possible amount of money out of you. Fortunately, Junky  Junk Removal has a different idea: provide the fair prices we offer for any and all of our junk removal services.

Local Savings With Junky Junk Removal

  • Volume-based pricing. You’ll pay for what we haul and not a penny more.

  • Upfront quotes. We’re straightforward and tell you what you’re paying from the start.

  • No hidden fees. As we remove your yard waste, count on us to stick to the agreed-upon price.

  • Easy payments. At the end of the appointment, simply pay with cash, card or check.

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